Our process

Vitaphar applies proper and ethical production standards in developing and manufacturing human dietary supplements. We develop and manufacture these supplements in gummy and liquid form or powders, while meeting the strictest quality and safety requirements.


Vitaphar has more than 40 years’ experience in raw materials trading. This means we know the most reliable, certified suppliers that deliver the best quality. Our R&D specialists ensure we maintain our focus on user-friendliness, excellent taste experience and optimal effectiveness.

The carefully selected ingredients are extensively tested in the lab until the desired results are achieved. Together with you, our customers, we develop your unique concept.


After development, the next step is production. Vitaphar’s production involves the highest quality standards and quality raw materials. Our flexibility allows us to respond to customer demand at all times. We do not require large minimum quantities, and our delivery times are short.

Quality is the most important element in developing and producing gummies. Thanks to our experience and tried and tested formulas, we can offer a stable product to you.


Together with our customers, we will look for the right inner and outer packaging. The correct look and feel of packaging is at the heart of every success story.

From R&D to delivery, we will support you every step of the way.

As our entire process happens internally, you only have a single point of contact. Responsiveness is thus guaranteed. Our goal is to make your vision a reality.

Now it's up to you!

What do you prefer: a basic or a unique, customized recipe?

Private label (according to your own recipe)

Are you familiar with nutriceuticals or are you looking for something tailor-made to your needs? Then private label is the only solution. We will support you from the initial idea to the final development, production and delivery of the product you are looking for. Thanks to years of experience, we can always give you the best possible advice on both the nutritional and technical side of your product. You are unique, so you determine what you want.


To sum up, you have come to the right place to develop your own range of nutritional supplements!

White label / standard products (standard formulas)

Vitaphar has created its own formulas using its extensive knowledge of raw materials. Vitaphar’s range includes a solution for every problem. You choose a product and we will package it for you in the desired packaging. This will you save you a lot of time in product development and production.

Private label

Vitaphar develops and produces humane food supplements according to the principles of proper and ethical manufacturing. Vitaphar complies with the strictest requirements in terms of quality and safety.

Vitaphar has a wide range of standard recipes and can also supply exclusive compositions according to the customer’s wishes. These compositions are developed together with the customer until the ideal product is obtained.

Own design

Voor voedingssupplementen onder private label bent u bij Vitaphar aan het juiste adres. Via een wederzijdse wisselwerking ondersteunen wij u vanaf een idee tot de uiteindelijke ontwikkeling en productie van het product. Thanks to years of experience, we can always give you optimal advice on both the nutritional and technical aspects of your product.

In short, you’ve come to the right place to fine-tune your own range of nutritional supplements!

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Our products

Due to the flexibility of our machinery, we can fill all possible desired packaging forms, from specialty products in small packs to commodities in bulk trucks. You can choose from the following standard packaging formats:

  • Bottles: 50 ml – 1000 ml
  • Bidons: 5 liter – 10 liter – 20 liter
  • Drums: 200 liter
  • IBC: 1000 liter
  • Bulk

If you prefer to work with your own packaging, we will work with you to see what options are available.

Have you been able to make a decision?

Let us get started with your idea

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