Manufacturer of nutritional supplements

The quality of Vitaphar

Quality comes first at our company.

From A to Z, the production process is entirely dedicated to a quality final product. From the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the product, we continuously set the highest standards so that we can always deliver a perfect product to the customer that fully meets his requirements.

FCA certification

Each production is always tested for conformity and whether it meets all desired quality requirements before it is put on transport.

In this way, we can guarantee the customer that he can always use his products with peace of mind.

Quality lab

Vitaphar’s complete production process fully complies with all FAVV requirements.

This ensures that we always market a fully transparent and reliable product.

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Member of BE-SUP

At European level, Be-Sup is an active member of the European federation EHPM, the official contact point for the sector towards the European institutions. In this way Be-Sup can make an important contribution to trying to keep European legislation as adapted and effective as possible.

Member of Fevia

Fevia, the federation of the Belgian food industry, represents 27 sectors and 700 companies that produce high-quality and innovative food and drinks in Belgium.


Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain