Vitaphar develops and manufactures human dietary supplements in gummy and liquid form and powders!

Our formulations are perfectly suited to your needs, relying on precision and the highest level of quality. We will keep you informed of all developments, from testing to delivery. Vitaphar ensures better health for everyone.

Our strengths

We handle everything: from developing the concept to delivery on your doorstep! Food supplements are our passion!


All your questions are answered promptly. We anticipate market developments and discuss options together with our customers, while keeping costs in check. Customers always come first.


Every day, our R&D team is developing and optimizing a variety of products and concepts. Thanks to our in-house lab, our customers always have access to state-of-the-art products.

Climate conscious

We minimise our carbon footprint with our solar panels and fleet of electric vehicles.


We have a brand new factory and production site that uses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and fully complies with the most stringent HACCP standards.

Our Services

Vitaphar develops, manufactures and packages bespoke food supplements in gummy and liquid form, allowing you to stand out in the marketplace. Your idea, combined with our expertise, allows us to create premium products targeted at the correct audience.


Vitaphar supplies supplements in various forms of gummies. These are the most palatable form of supplements, because many people don’t object to taking what look like “sweets”.


Looking for a quick and efficient way to give supplements? Then a liquid form is the best solution, as liquids are easy to dose and administer.



Also for powder supplements, Vitaphar is your ideal partner.