Our working method

Whether or not you have an idea about a particular formulation, want to expand your range or need support.

Vitaphar will always review these requests with a critical eye and high quality standards.

We treat each project individually, with discretion and respect the budget at hand.

Vitaphar is your reliable partner for any consumer supplement question or need.


We take ample time in a one-on-one conversation to listen to your business and your needs. Together we discover all the possibilities.


We set goals together and ensure the development of the products, within the legal framework and within the agreed budget.


We always make several samples so that our customers can smell, feel, see and test their products. If necessary, we can change the formulation or packaging at this time.


We make sure the packaging of your own brand is finished with your own logo and brand name.


We can deliver the products to you with our regular carrier, or you can pick it up yourself if desired.


Our approach guarantees a long-term cooperation in which we continue to support your business on a daily basis.

Our working method in detail

Customized formulas

Average lead time of 3 - 6 months

Standard Formulas

Average turnaround time of 1 to 2 months



We take extensive time to find out what your needs are in a one-on-one conversation.

We explore the options to reach a solution and make sure everything is within your budget.

A custom formula, standard formula or everything in between.


Formulas and legislation

Together we look at the possible formulas that will provide a solution to your needs.

We ensure that all raw materials comply with consumer supplement legislation.



We always make enough samples so you can get a good feel for the product and observe it for yourself.

At this time, we can still make changes and adjust as needed.


Packaging and branding

Make the choice here as to which type of packaging you would like to work with.

We make sure you receive all the correct legal information to put on the label. Of course, you can put your logo and brand name on the label.


Production and delivery

Only when all the previous steps are approved do we start the official production of your own private label.

We usually deliver the first shipment in 4-5 weeks after receiving the order.