About Vitaphar

Manufacturer of nutritional supplements

Vitaphar is a Belgium-based family business established by the Denutte family. Our ambition is to improve human health. To this end, we develop and manufacture bespoke food supplements. Thanks to 40 years of expertise across the entire chain, from raw materials to finished products, we can respond perfectly to your needs. We manufacture supplements with passion, quality and craftsmanship as part of our dedication to and focus on human health. Innovation is key in our small-scale enterprise.


ID-Nutrition was founded by Ignace Denutte in 2000. It manufactures premixes and mineral feeds for livestock farmers and feed manufacturers specialising in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and plants.


Bio-Armor was established in 2005. It is an industry leader in the area of biological manure processing and water treatment. Bio-Armor continuously performs water quality tests in its in-house lab.


Nutriliq, a private label manufacturing company, was incorporated in 2017. It specializes in the development and manufacture of feed supplements for all animal species.


Vitaphar was created in 2020. Because of the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, it was only a small step to manufacture supplements for humans. Vitaphar specializes in the development and manufacture of vitamin gummies, which is an innovative approach to ensuring people take in sufficient healthy nutrients.

We are Vitaphar

We are a family business driven by intelligent and dynamic people. A great atmosphere ensures we deliver top products. If you are looking for a B2B manufacturer for your dietary supplements, look no further. We will be happy to help!