Privacy en security

If you want us to contact you, you will need to provide us with your personal data. We can imagine that you would like to know why we ask for your personal details and what we do with this information. We’re happy to tell you about that here. If you have any questions after reading this privacy policy, please contact

Very Safe

We will protect all data you send us using state-of-the-art technology. People who have no business accessing your data simply cannot access it. If we share your data with a third party (you can read why and when we do so further down in this policy), they must treat your data with the same level of care as we do and use it only for the purpose for which it was obtained. If you feel this is not the case, please let us know at

What Don’t we do with your data?

We will never even consider selling your data to third parties.

Is your information incorrect or do you have other questions?

If something is wrong or if you would like to view or erase your data, please contact We will be happy to help you.


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